Liz Wells is a ceramic artist from southeastern Ohio, living in Pittsburgh, PA. She earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts from Otterbein University where she worked as the department’s studio technician. She has completed a long term and short term residencies, internships, and workshops. Currently, Liz is teaching clay and mixed media classes throughout Pittsburgh. In her own practice she creates clay sculptures and vessels. Her work had been exhibited throughout Ohio, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Michigan.


I create ceramic objects.
Objects that remind you of loved ones, of the objects they spent their lives collecting.
Objects that once filled their homes and filled their hearts with so much joy.
Objects you take with you to remind yourself of these memories.
Objects that act as their presence when you don't want to be alone.
Objects that tell us stories.
Objects that record our existence and remind us we are human.
Objects we whisper our secrets to.
Objects that hold power, history, and love.
A ceramic object that I hold close to myself physically, to feel spiritually close to you.

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