Liz Wells is a ceramic artist from southeastern Ohio, living in Pittsburgh, PA. She earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts from Otterbein University where she worked as the department’s studio technician. She has completed a post bacc residency at Otterbein and a Studio Management internship at Touchstone Center for Crafts since graduating in 2020. Currently, Liz is teaching clay and mixed media classes throughout Pittsburgh. In her own practice she creates clay sculptures and vessels that record the permanence of mark making. Her work had been exhibited throughout Ohio, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Michigan.


I transfer my racing thoughts onto the clay surface, communicating my feelings with a mailable material. In my process, handbuilding becomes an intimate and cathartic act, taking my thoughts from within and applying them to a physical surface. Once the energy leaves my fingertips and is applied to the surface, I am freeing my mind of these emotions, capturing that moment and using it as texture.

With clay, I create objects that record permanence. I understand the work I handbuild and fire will become artifacts that will survive past my existence for others to interact with. Each pinch, smear, and compression is a conscious decision to leave permanent evidence of my creative process. As clear as day, the viewer can see evidence of the mind racing , and the hands attempting to catch up.

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